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Terms and Conditions


1. ††††††† Introduction

In terms of the Memorandum of Agreement already concluded between the parties, the customer will adhere to the AssistSuites terms and conditions below.


2. ††††††† General Administrative Specifications, Procedures and Regulations


2.1 ††††† The customer shall continue to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Memorandum of Agreement, as well as, the procedures set out on the Vodacom messaging Portal. In the event of any contradiction between these AssistSuites terms and conditions and the Memorandum of Agreement and/or the Vodacom Messaging Portal, then these AssistSuites terms and conditions shall take precedence. The phrases used in these terms and conditions shall, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, have the same meaning as assigned to them in the messaging agreement.


2.2 †††††AssistSuites is a web application which allows small businesses to plan all their communications with their customers. Vodacom will charge the applicable fees in respect of the AssistSuites and messaging services that have been requested from and/or delivered to GSM terminal equipment.


2.3 ††† Any customer wanting to make use of AssistSuites shall adhere to Vodacomís prerequisites (application criteria), including but not limited to the following:


2.3.1†††† No judgements shall have been recorded against the customer;


2.3.2†††The messaging agreement to which these Interface Specifications are attached must have been signed and executed by the customer;


2.3.3 ††† The customer must never have been declared insolvent;


2.3.4††††Vodacom reserves the right to view the results of an annual audit.Should an annual audit not be made available, Vodacom shall be entitled to request a financial audit to be done at the cost of the customer;


2.3.5†††† All monies due, owing and payable to Vodacom by the customer at date of application must be settled in full;


2.3.6.†††Any previous complaints received from customers about your services must have been ††††††††††† successfully resolved prior to application date;


2.3.7†††† AssistSuites is a communication tool and must be used in conjunction with one of our standard rated bearers;


2.3.8†††† Vodacom may, in their sole and absolute discretion, reject your application to use AssistSuites.


2.4 ††††††Proof of delivery of messages shall be accepted at the point where the message is successfully submitted to the relevant Vodacom gateway or platform necessary for delivery to the End User, e.g. a SMS submitted to the SMSC with confirmation of submission from the SMSC is deemed a successful delivery of message Service to the End User.


2.5†††††††In the event of the customer using the service name for anything other than what was intended, then Vodacom shall be entitled to immediately suspend the service.

2.6††††††† In the event of the customer using AssistSuites for any fraudulent purpose or for any other purpose for which it was not intended, then Vodacom shall be entitled to immediately suspend the WASPs right to use AssistSuite


2.7††††††† Failure to adhere to these Terms & Conditions will lead to Vodacom suspending your connectivity for a period of 6 (six) months.


2.8††††††† If you are in breach of these Terms & Conditions for a second time, Vodacom will terminate your AssistSuites connectivity without prior written notice and remain liable for all outstanding dues.


2.9†††††These Terms & Conditions are to be read in conjunction with and do not substitute the WASPA Code of Conduct.



3.AssistSuites Charges


3.1†††††   Transactions will be charged as indicated by the schedule below:

      Once Off Setup Fee: R168

      Monthly Fee:             R129

      SMS rate:                  Standard SMS rates Apply


3.2      †† Vodacom Finance will bill the transaction charge on the same basis as Bulk SMS charges.

3.3 All billing queries must be logged to WASP Finance (WASPINVOICE2@vodacom.co.za) within 10 days
from receipt of billing from Vodacom, failing which it shall be deemed to have accepted the correctness of
such billing; provided that in the event of any differences between Vodacomís billing records and the customerís records, then Vodacomís billing records will take precedence.


4. Amendment


The customer will adhere to these terms and conditions for the service from Vodacom and these terms and conditions may be amended by Vodacom from time to time.


Vodacom may, in their sole discretion, reject an application to use the service.


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