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Please debit my Bank Account as shown below in favour of Vodacom (PTY) (LTD) with the total amount owing by me on the 2nd last working day each month under this agreement.
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Any Cancellation of Debit order after activation could result in Vodacom (PTY) (LTD) suspending the service and all cancellation costs will be for the customer's account.

Date:  2024-06-15
Should the detail provided by the applicant not be on the Vodacom database, additional documentation will be needed to verify the account.
I have read, understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions. Click here for Terms and Conditions.)

The customer understands that this service carries a Monthly Minimum Charge of 500 SMS (R155 ex VAT @ R0.31 per SMS).

The customer understands that this service is subject to a 2 calendar month cancellation notice period.
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